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    Aug 11, 2017
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    I will soon go back to school for my last year in the "Gymnasium" (I'm from Sweden) and during the last year you usually make one big project of your choice but in the field of what you're studying. I'm studying technology with focus on design and productdevolopment.
    As my project I was thinking of creating/designing a city/or just a home with what I´ve learned is your vision(and now business); to have zero inpact on the world, or atleast close to.

    My question is now,
    What should I think of when starting this project?
    What should I prioritate?
    How do I know what materials to use? (for example)
    Good links/books of information on this?

    Everything you can think of that might be helpful I would be glad to get. I will ofcourse do some research myself but I was thinking it could be helpful if I wrote this here since most of the people on here have an interest in this or have done a journey themself of creating and maybe even designed a house.

    Thanks in advance,

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